So you are considering installing solar in your home, and have weighed the benefits.  Now the real question is, which items in your home will actually be running on solar power?
The answer:  All of them!

Everything from your TV to the lights throughout your home will be able to be powered by solar.  “What’s the catch?” you ask.

You will only be able to use as much power as you are able to collect from your Orange County solar panels installed for your home.

What does this mean?

kids-2When using a custom Orange County grid-tied electrical system, the electric company will monitor your grid input, output, and off-grid use.  This will allow them to monitor how much energy is coming from your panels in comparison to how much you are using.  In some cases, this can even lead to refunds from the electricity that you are producing! Cha-ching… ask me how!

In cases where you are using more electricity than you are absorbing you will receive specific information from your electric company on how that works and the rates that they use for that.  You may even be entitled to tax credits.  Make sure you check with your local electric company, and government on how their processes work for the benefits you receive.  Or just ask us. We’re pretty well versed in this Orange County solar business around here. And we are happy to answer ANY of your solar questions. It’s actually why we started this business. Preserve Today – Renew Tomorrow.

For more details on how a grid-tied electrical system or other Orange County solar solutions work, read how to get started with Solar 101 or click here for a free estimate.